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Ever wish you could control TV? Now you can with a Digital Video Recorder from MetroCast!

Control Live TV with MetroCast DVR With a DVR from MetroCast you'll never have to miss your favorite shows or movies again!

Using your remote control, the DVR allows you to pause, record, rewind, and instant replay live television. You'll never miss a minute of your favorite programs!

It's television on YOUR schedule.

MetroCast DVR Features:

Control Live TV

Pause, record, rewind, instant-replay live television! Interruptions are no longer a bother!

Record your favorite shows

Choose one episode or an entire series, watch one show while recording another, or record 2 shows at the same time. It all gets stored within the DVR. Goodbye VCRs and video cassettes!

Watch TV on your schedule

Record your favorite shows and build a library of saved programs. Sit down and watch when it's convenient for you!

No expensive equipment to buy

Unlike satellite, with MetroCast you rent your box at one low monthly rate. So, if you've got a faulty box, we're responsible for replacing it; not you!*

For DVR FAQs, click here.

* Monthly fee applies. Customer is responsible for those DVRs broken due to user error.



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With the DVR from MetroCast you also get FREE HDTV channels!

Save a Stamp. Save a Tree.

Go Green. Make the move to
paperless & recurring billpay.


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