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MetroCast Digital Phone keeps you in the loop with MetroCast Voicemail.

Whether you’re away, on the line, or too busy to answer, MetroCast voicemail will take your calls. Access your voicemail anytime, from anywhere! And with many advanced features, using voicemail has never been easier!

  • 1 mailbox per line is included, with up to 4 mailbox extensions for the whole family!

  • Manage Greetings: Use the default greeting to respond to calls, or feel free to make up your own! You can even do separate greetings based on if you are on another call, you don't answer the phone, or if you're away for an extended period of time. Each reason has its own greeting!

  • Set Number of Rings: Change the number of times the phone rings before your voicemail will pick up.

  • Manage Message Order: Review the newest message first, or the oldest message first; whichever way you choose!

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