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Because it's the same service you've come to expect from your standard provider such as Verizon, but with much better value! With MetroCast Digital Phone, you won't know the difference in the voice quality, but you will notice the difference in your wallet. You'll use MetroCast Digital Phone just the same as you've always used the phone. Same dial tone, same operator assistance, same everything! But, with MetroCast you'll get unlimited local and long distance service* for one low price, plus an abundance of additional features at your disposal.

Calling Features Include...

Caller ID**
Know who’s calling you before you answer!
Call Waiting Calls can come in even when you’re on another call. Answer it without disconnecting the original call!
Call Forwarding Redirect incoming calls to another phone number.
Anonymous Call Rejection Discards incoming calls that intentionally block the caller’s name/number from showing on your caller ID. Goodbye telemarketers!
Selective Call Rejection Discards incoming calls from phone numbers you specify.
Distinctive Ring Screen incoming calls based on the type of ring pattern or beep tone produced. Assign up to 5 unique ring patterns!
Do Not Disturb Block all incoming calls at any time!
Automatic Recall (*69) Dials the number of your most recent incoming call.
Voicemail MetroCast Digital Phone keeps you in the loop with MetroCast Voicemail. Whether you’re away, on the line, or too busy to answer, MetroCast voicemail will take your calls. Access your voicemail anytime, from anywhere! And with many advanced features, using voicemail has never been easier! View more features...
Outside Area Alerting Provides a distinctive ring pattern when an incoming call is outside your local calling area. Avoid answering those unwanted calls!
Speed Dial
(1 & 2 digits)
Call friends or family simply by dialing a one or two digit number!
411 & Operator Assistance Just as with your Verizon phone line, 411 and Operator assistance are available at a small charge per use.
Online Account Management As an added convenience we also provide you with Online Account Management. With Online Account Management, you can view call history, manage your phone options, manage voicemail options, listen to voicemail, and much more! This allows you the convenience to manage your account whether you're home, at work, or out of town. Wherever you are, your MetroCast account is right at your finger tips!

Not available in all areas

* MetroCast Digital Phone plan monthy rate does not include international calls except to Canada. Additional charges will apply for calls placed to locations outside the United States and Canada.

** Residential phone must be equipped with caller ID capability. Caller's phone number will appear where available. There will be no individual call detail on your MetroCast billing statement.

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