Service Assurance Plan

Get the MetroCast Service Assurance Plan, and your inside
Video, Internet and Phone wiring repairs are on us.

MetroCast residential customers now have the option to sign up for the MetroCast Service Assurance Plan. This Plan covers service calls that require repair to MetroCast services inside the customer’s home.

The monthly fee of $3.95* will be added to your monthly statement as a separate item. The Plan is optional and covers all inside wire related service calls, pursuant to the Plan's terms, for as long as you subscribe to the plan. Please note that without the plan, you will pay applicable service call fees for each service call based on our standard $50 per hour rate.

What you save on just one service call may pay for a whole year of coverage!

*Franchise fees, taxes, and other fees may apply. Not available in all areas. Some limitations may apply. Please note that under the applicable agreements and laws of some states, landlords and not tenants, may be responsible for repair to and maintenance of some or all inside wire. Multiple dwelling unit coverage for cable or data wiring that runs between separate buildings, apartments or dwelling units is not covered under the MetroCast Service Assurance Plan. The building owner and/or service provider own this wire and the customer is not responsible for the repair. METROCAST EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES RELATED TO THE METROCAST SERVICE ASSURANCE PLAN. THIS DISCLAIMER EXPRESSLY INCLUDES, BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO, DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. METROCAST'S LIABILITY TO ANY CUSTOMER UNDER THIS PLAN IS LIMITED TO THE AMOUNT PAID TO METROCAST BY SUCH CUSTOMER UNDER THIS PLAN.

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